Aloe Vera and Cancer: What’s the Truth?

Aloe Vera and Cancer – What Is The Truth About Their Relationship?

Medical research about the “Aloe Vera and Cancer” relationship…

According to recent research Aloe Vera may help prolong survival time and stimulate the immune systems of cancer patients.

Researchers writing in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy found that Aloe Vera has the ability to activate the immune system to attack cancerous cells.

Aloe Vera ’switches’ on the immune system by activating macrophages (white blood cells which ’swallow’ antigens), causing the release of immune-activating and anti-cancer substances such as Interferons and Interleukines.

In addition Aloe Vera promotes the growth of normal (non-cancerous) cells.

Note: An antigen is a substance that when introduced into the body stimulates the production of an antibody. Antigens include toxins, bacteria, foreign blood cells, and the cells of transplanted organs.

Aloe Vera and Cancer: Lung Cancer

The Aloe Vera gel’s protective effect was confirmed in a study of 673 lung cancer patients in Okinawa, Japan, published in the Japanese Journal of Cancer Research.

This survey looked at the connection between smoking, comparative amounts of 17 plant foods in the diet, and the occurrence of lung cancer over a five-year period.

Aloe Vera was the only one of the plant foods that was protective against cancer.

The results of plant epidemiology suggests that Aloe Vera prevents human pulmonary Carcinogenesis – Lung Cancer – stated the researchers.

Aloe Vera and Cancer: Colon Cancer

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., formerly of the Linus Pauling Institute, reported on Aloe Vera’s ability to detoxify the body in his scientific paper, “Effect of Orally Consumed Aloe Vera Juice on Gastrointestinal Function in Normal Humans,” published in 1985.

Dr. Bland studied for one week the effects of Aloe vera juice consumption on urinary indican, stool specific gravity and gastric and bowel motility.

Urinary indican values decreased, indicating lowered bowel bacterial conversion of tryptophan and possible improved protein digestion and absorption, as well as reduced bowel putrefaction. This change, by itself, could help prevent colon cancer.

Further, Aloe Vera is widely suppressive against various human cancers and appears to cause the release of tumor necrosis factor Alpha that blocks the blood supply to cancerous growths.

Research in the field of Aloe Vera and Cancer is ongoing and I will be updating this site constantly with more information on the “Aloe Vera and Cancer” relationship as it becomes available. Subscribers to our newsletter are always the first to hear about these updates.

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sonia bartley 07.30.09 at 11:15 am

What a wonderful website! I’m a 58 year old woman and I was a smoker until 12 months ago when I decided it was time to give up and get healthy. It took me a long time to realize what smoking was doing to me, but with the daily help of aloe vera gel I’m hoping to heal some of the inevitable damage caused to my body… bladder, colon, skin etc. All thanks to a day when I was browsing your website.. thanks!

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