Aloe Vera and Research On Its Benefits

Aloe Vera and Research Findings On Its Healing Powers

More benefits of Aloe Vera and research that scientifically proves what the ancients seem to have known about it for centuries!

Probably as a result of the huge worldwide interest in Aloe Vera research on its healing powers in the past few decades has continued at an increased rate all around the globe.

More of the benefits of Aloe Vera and research findings from across the globe starting with Russia…

Research in Russia has shown benefits to conditions other than those for which Aloe Vera is most well known.

These include improvements in bone tuberculosis and broken bones, inflammatory gynaecological conditions, paralysis caused by polio, ear, nose and throat conditions, and bronchial asthma.

They have also found that Aloe Vera can help slow the aging process – this is achieved through the antioxidant activity of Aloe Vera.

Both Russia and the United States have carried out extensive research into the use of Aloe Vera for all types of burns.

They found that compounds within Aloe Vera can help burns heal, and can also have a cleansing and antibacterial effect.

A cream containing 70% Aloe Vera gel extract has been developed in the U.S.A. that prevents partially damaged tissue from dying and allows new skin cells to close off the area thereby promoting healthy new skin beneath the scab, rather than scar tissue.

Research has also been carried out into whether Aloe Vera can play a role in the treatment of cancer.

Aloe Vera appears to cause the release of tumor necrosis factor Alpha that blocks the blood supply to cancerous growths.

A study in Japan showed that drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly may be effective in preventing the onset of lung cancer in smokers.

Note: Research has shown that each cigarette smoked depletes vitamin C, one of the many vitamins contained in Aloe Vera and research also shows that smokers require double the amount of vitamin C compared to non-smokers!

One of them is the Science and Medicine Institute of Linus Pauling in California, that after a research confirmed the beneficial effect of the consumption of Aloe Vera over the digestive system.

Taken daily, juice of the leaves of Aloe Vera produces a great improvement in the persons who have diseases of the digestive apparatus, as colitis, heartburn and irritable colon.

The action of the Aloe Vera juice as an antacid and healer in treatments of gastritis and ulcer has also been proven.

As far back as 1953 the Atomic Energy Commission commissioned a study and found that Aloe could cure radiation burns.

A study published by doctors in 1989 showed that Aloe Vera when orally ingested increases the healing of exterior skin burns by 62%, even faster than when it is applied topically – direct to the skin.

Doctors writing in the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association found in 1989 that Aloe Vera was potentially helpful for wounds, edema and pain in diabetics.

Further benefits of Aloe Vera and research findings to confirm, show that it is beneficial in a number of other conditions:

Aloe Vera facilitates digestion by boosting the immune system. It keeps the bowels functioning smoothly and helps when there is an impaction to move allergenic proteins from the small intestine into the colon.

Aloe Vera helps cleanse the digestive tract by exerting a soothing, balancing effect
helpful to the stomach, small intestine and colon

It also assists kidney, liver and gall bladder functions.

Post-treatment of dental discomfort and pain is another recently discovered application of Aloe Vera and research also shows that it helps in the treatment of abscesses and boils.

Carry on to the next page for even more information on Aloe Vera and research findings on its healing powers.

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